The Surprising Cause of Peripheral Artery Disease

Uncover the Surprising Cause of Peripheral Artery Disease
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Peripheral Artery Disease or PAD is when blood vessels constrict blood flow into the limbs.

Medical advice for PAD has often been to avoid saturated fats and high cholesterol foods.

But are these truly the cause of clogged arteries?

What really causes this condition and what steps can we take to avoid it?

1. Some experts argue that the things we’ve been told lead to clogged arteries such as; saturated fats and foods high in cholesterol, are not the true cause. They believe inflammation is at the heart of the matter. This is because it leads to arteries becoming damaged which then results in plaques forming and narrowing of the vessels.

2. The body uses cholesterol to heal damage from inflammation on arterial walls. So we need to understand how to avoid this happening.

3. The cause of chronic inflammation can vary from; environmental toxins to inflammatory foods, to mental and emotional stresses, lack of nutrients and insulin levels that are continually too high.

4.Insulin spikes when we consume foods that are high in carbohydrates and especially sugars. This then leads to elevated blood glucose.The average American consumes 149 pounds of sugar each year, and that’s not to mention the refined flours which also cause high blood sugar. This could explain why we have such an epidemic of cardiovascular issues.

5. High insulin although it often caused by a diet high in sugars and it can also be related to stress. this is because when your body is stressed it elevates blood sugar levels. This is because it is preparing to fight off or run from an attacker. However in modern society we rarely have to expend this type of energy yet out body still raises blood sugar levels and then insulin to deal with the excess glucose.

6. Another cause of high insulin levels is processed carbohydrates. These can have the same effect as eating foods high in refined sugars. Avoiding processed foods can help keep blood sugar levels in a healthy range and thus lower insulin. This can also reduce inflammation and may help prevent arterial plaque .

7. When we avoid processed foods and sugars, it is important to ensure our diet is full of nutrients that will help us; feel sustained, have less cravings and feel fuller for longer. This leads me to another important step in avoiding PAD and that is Eat a Fiber Rich Foods. Fiber can help improve the function of the blood vessel walls. It encourages the body to get rid of excess sodium via urination plus it improves insulin sensitivity. Plus it decreases the activity of the sympathetic nervous system which can raise blood pressure.

8.Fiber rich foods such as fruits and vegetables also contain vital nutrients and antioxidants that work to help protect our cells from damage and chronic inflammation. A great way to ensure you’re getting plenty of essential vitamins and minerals is to eat the rainbow.

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