The Secret to Case Acceptance

Lionhearted Dentists with Dr. Steve Rasner no. 167

The Secret to Case Acceptance
Cultivating a Quality Patient Base

The first step in building your schedule should be a careful screening of all patients. You must know which of your team members are skilled at patient communication. Dr. Rasner also discusses the importance of advertising and branding appropriately for the patients that you would like to see.

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He also runs a Facebook group for dentists who wish to remain independent here Lionhearted: Clinicians Who Won't Quit.

What can our live patient courses do for you? Your patients want and expect you to provide all of their dental care. We teach you to recognize red flags and choose cases that you can perform safely and predictably. Using your own hands, on live patients, you’ll spend two days practicing what you’ve learned here so that you return home ready to incorporate those skills. Most patients will be under Dr. Rasner’s oral sedation protocol, so you’ll get a first-hand opportunity to see why he’s such a proponent of that.
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