The SECRET of the SECRETS - FULL Audiobook by Uell S. Andersen

What is this Secret? And how can one discover what it is and learn to use it?

U. S. Andersen calls it THE SECRET OF SECRETS because, strangely enough, it is within each man and yet can set him free. It is a secret that is making itself known over the face of the earth. It has become the common meeting ground of all religions. Sri Aurobindo says "It is the one secure and all reconciling truth which is the very foundation of the universe. "It is this truth and its application to your own life that is the theme of THE SECRET OF SECRETS.

There is in man, below the level of his consciousness, a vaster mind, a mind of enormous power and knowledge, a mind universal in scope, common to all men but exclusive to none. U. S. Andersen furnishes ample proof that this mind exists and that you can tap it. Wise men have learned that the human mind is a magnificent machine with an infinite reservoir of power still untapped by the mass of men.

The magic moment when you learn to link with this power is the moment when the secret of abundance becomes yours . . . the spiritual equivalent of having a money tree in your own back yard.

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