The Rise of Skywalker: How To Train Your Mary-Sue

Who planted the trees on Mustafar, and when did they do it? Is there a landscaping supplies store in the galaxy far, far away? It's time to iron out some irontrees.

Rey’s training strains credibility. Anakin was able to train off screen, so Miss Palpatine has no excuse. What was she doing for those six depicted hours? And what did Luke and Anakin do when the spotlight was on them?

Looking up the force can save you from accidentally upending the galaxy. Teleport spells are pretty cool, but are they Star Wars? If you don't look before you leap, you might end up worse off than you started.
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Narration recorded in partnership with THE WARDROBE (IG: @wardobestudionz).
Batman (1966) Intro 8-bit: chiptunema.bandcamp.com
Tolbachik Volcano footage: BORDERLESS

#00:00 Intro
#01:43 Part 1: Don't Hold Your Breath
#14:55 Part 2a: Training Mary-Sue
#34:12 Part 2b: STORY TIME
#38:44 Part 3: Forced Force Powers
#58:21 Outro
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