The Power of Presentation

How do you know that your presentation has been a success?

It can be challenging to discern what “success” means when you make a presentation. But, in this episode of The Visual Lounge, our guest explains the formula he follows to smash it out the park every time.

Tommy Re, President of Vital Talent, joins the show to explain how presentations should inform, persuade and inspire, the importance of knowing and resonating with your audience and the key points from his brilliant book, The Power of Presentation.

Plus, Tommy reveals his interesting former career and provides unmissable advice on image and video creation and presentation.

Learning points from the episode include:
• 0:00 – Introduction
• 1:14 – Introducing Tommy Re
• 3:03 – How Tommy began using presentations
• 5:19 – Defining success
• 6:49 – A tip for visually improving presentations
• 9:05 – Why did Tommy write his book?
• 11:03 – Live presentations
• 13:21 – Inform, persuade and inspire
• 18:17 – Getting to know and resonate with your audience
• 22:31 – Switching up structures
• 25:27 – Transferring presentation skills to video
• 26:11 – What role should text play in presentations?
• 31:17 – Extra advice from Tommy
• 34:10 – Speed round questions with Tommy
• 38:21 – Final take and outro

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• Vital Talent website:
• Buy ‘The Power of Presentation: A Vital Guide to Delivering Compelling Business Presentations’:

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