The Power of Food with Sheila Dillon

Today I’m speaking to Sheila Dillon. A multi award winning food journalist, reporter, and presenter for BBC Radio 4’s “The Food Programme” where she has worked for over 20 years.

Sheila and her colleagues have truly changed the way in which we think about food in the UK and beyond. Her work has covered the breaking scandal of BSE, the rise of GM foods, the growth of the organic movement from muck and magic to a multi-million pound industry, the birth of the World Trade Organisation and irradiation at a time when those subjects were not even a gleam in a newshound´s eye.

Sheila has a really special place in my heart as well. A few years ago I was invited to her house to cook a meal and share stories about my mission to help people eat better everyday. Sheila has really championed for nutrition in medicine and bravely shared her personal story of her own cancer and how she uses food to help support her treatment which has thus far prevented the need for a stem cell transplant.

I think you’re really going to enjoy today’s stories of investigative journalism and why finding the courage to share your truth is so important.


00:00 - Experiencing Food as Medicine
21:38 - Criticism & Vulnerability
29:30 - Healing vs Hindering Foods
42:24 - Prioritising Food
51:26 - Monetising Nature

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