The Monthly Debrief | Hangar News and Q&A # 4

Answering your questions, and discussing updates regarding the channel!

1:11 If you could go back in time to witness (but not change) one event in history, what would it be?

2:17 Would you ever consider doing some episodes on Bush planes?

3:16 Have you considered doing an episode (or episodes) on the Spanish civil war?

4:22 Given the recent P-40 video, what is the Rex pick for best 'bang for your buck' fighter of world war 2?

6:17 What is a favourite fighter aircraft of yours that was cancelled or passed over in favour of something else?

8:08 Was the RAAF ever adequately prepared to counter the Japanese offensive in 1942?

10:48 How effective would B-29s have been over East Europe/Soviet union against Soviet air defences had Operation Unthinkable come to pass in later 1945/1946?

14:34 General updates & plans for next year!
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