The LIES & DESTRUCTION by Fat Acceptance and Body Positivity Influencers on TikTok | FBE Capital

Body positivity & fat acceptance influencers on TikTok, are doing serious damage online, by lying about their physical and mental health and all the real struggles they are dealing with, when being plus size.
This eventually lead to them having risky weight loss surgery, to solve all the health issues, they've been hiding.

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These body positive and fat acceptance influencers are selling the idea that you can be as plus size as you want and have no health issues whatsoever and that life is perfect. This is obviously not true, which is why they are deliberately hiding all of their medical problems.

Video Structure:
00:00 Intro
00:48 Giving terrible advise
01:44 Explosion of body positive influencers on TikTok
02:43 Hiding the damage done to their health
03:40 Lying about medical procedures
04:48 All the known medical procedures
05:43 Promoting a dangerous lifestyle
07:48 Selling a false message
08:18 Needing Gastric Bypass Surgery
09:10 Trapping yourself
09:52 Finally getting healthy

Not only is it very cringe to see this fat activism on TikTok and other platforms, there's also a real danger of all this misinformation and lying about their medical health.
Because they paint a completely false picture, of how life is when you are extremely overweight. They pretend as if you'll have no problems, while they are inconstant pain and suffering from sever mental health issues. Which leads to them needing risky weight loss surgery in form of gastric bypass and the gastric sleeve.

New York 2022/2023
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