The Destruction of the American Church | Guest: Sara Gonzales | Ep 761

Following in the footsteps of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram announced they’ll be testing a paid subscription service. Rather unimaginatively, the service at Facebook will be called Meta Verified. The plan will cost $11.99 a month on the web and $14.99 a month on iOS and Android apps. Hopefully, this change will help everyone use social media less, but that’s quite unlikely. Justin Trudeau said he regrets calling protesters a “fringe minority” during the trucking convoy protests across Canada. Of course, Trudeau isn’t actually sorry he used maniacal authoritarian power to punish citizens he deemed out of line. No, he’s sorry that he has to apologize to the peasants he believes are lesser beings. In the U.K., coaches and parents are raising the alarm after a middle-aged transgender woman was allowed to compete in cricket against girls as young as 12. The player has reportedly injured multiple people including an umpire and another player. Authorities are reportedly investigating the situation, but surely little will be done. Speaking of the LGBT community, they’re coming for God — literally. The Church of England announced it was considering alternatives to referring to God as “he” after priests asked to be allowed to use gender-neutral terms. That’s right, the Church of England wants God to be a they/them. While this is still in England for the moment, it’s certainly coming to the U.S. and will indeed be the destruction of the church.

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