The DEMON CORE Movie! Nuclear Engineer Explains Fat Man and Little Boy

A classic film about the Manhattan Project, this movie is also the only one I've seen to depict a criticality accidents (featuring the Demon Core), which I directly work to prevent. I also discuss the roles of Los Alamos, Oak Ridge, and the Hanford Site, how uranium enrichment works, and how plutonium is made. Join me as I break down the nuclear physics involved in making the world's first atomic bomb.

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Correction: Reference 3 at 25:54 should be Reference 4
[4] "Time/Dose Effects in Acute Radiation Syndrome - Radiation Emergency Medical Management"

00:00 Intro
01:00 The Manhattan Project sites
02:37 More uranium enrichment discussion
07:56 Plutonium and spontaneous fission
12:15 Who was the Bomb for?
12:50 Implosion bomb
16:03 Tickling the Dragon's Tail (Criticality accident)
22:52 1000 rad dose
26:53 The Trinity Test
27:18 Outro
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