The Deeper Teachings of Sai Baba - 'Acceptance of Death'

In this new series, Gautam Sachdeva sheds light on Baba's teachings from "Shri Sai Gyaneshwari", which is based on the divine knowledge of Sadguru Sainath with the main purpose of leading human life in the best possible spiritual way and progress towards self-realisation.

Das Ganu Maharaj wrote three important books - Shri Santkathamrit, Shri Bhaktileelaamrit and Shri Bhaktisaaramrit. In these, there are 7 chapters about Sai, containing conversations between Sai Baba & Chandorkar and other devotees. Sai devotee Rakesh Juneja has translated these into English, provided his commentaries and explanations, and created the "Shri Sai Gyaneshwari".

We highly recommend having a copy of this important work, purchase links to which are mentioned below:

Sai Gyaneshwari - English Edition

Sai Gyaneshwari - Hindi Edition

Chapters in this film:
0:00 - Intro (Please enable captions) (कैप्शन सक्षम करें)
0:36 - When we don't want a loved one to die
1:44 - Baba's words on accepting death and loss
4:44 - Gautamji's insights
6:04 - Anecdote on human intervention
8:38 - Baba's words
9:09 - Gautamji's insights
9:23 - Baba's words
9:55 - Gautamji's insights
10:41 - Baba's words
11:16 - Gautamji's insights on the Tulabhara
13:34 - Baba's words
14:02 - Gautamji's insights on polaric opposites
15:16 - Quote from Nisargadatta Maharaj
16:05 - Outro (Support our work)

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