The Breast Tax: Another fake Hinduphobic story| Dr. Premendra Priyadarshi | #SangamTalks

Recently many newspapers and blogs published articles on a funny tax, the Breast Tax, which was allegedly levied by the Hindu King of Travancore on the women of the lower castes until it was abolished in 1850 after a rebellion by the lower caste women. A detailed examination of the matter shows no evidence that such tax ever existed in Kerala, or in any part of India.

Speaker’s Profile:
Dr. Premendra Priyadarshi, MD, FRCP is a physician by profession. He has critically examined the publications in genetics pertaining to human evolution and migration. He has written several books on the topic, the last of which is Origin and Spread of Domestication and Farming.

0:00 Power Statement
1:40 Movies and media stories based on Breast tax
2:33 Fake story created on breast tax
4:46 Use of fake pictures to prove their point
11:40 Who propagates this
14:42 Motive behind this narrative
18:33 Fake narrative industry – devil’s three laws
20:01 Colonization of Hindu culture
22:48 Breasts were part of respect in pre-colonized India
29:12 Real story on the record
35:10 Characteristics of Travancore kingdom.
39:10 Conclusion

40:30 QnA
41:01 Does that mean India was safe for women to stay naked on the upper part
44:38 Why do Hindus easily believe in such made-up stories?
49:18 what about people who claim their relative protest against Brest Tax?
53:35 Do we have documentation of our ancient lifestyle?
57:47 If not documented, it’s not done
1:01:42 Marxist historians support such fake narratives

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