The BEST ASMR Cranial Nerve Exam!

Hello Lovelies... If you're looking for a seriously relaxing ASMR roleplay, you're in luck! In this new ASMR cranial nerve exam ASMR video, you get to experience a real life ASMR experience with this high quality ASMR entertainment. This ASMR medical exam has some incredibly relaxing & super tingly ASMR triggers that will help you achieve a state of deep relaxation, for sleep. In this ASMR doctor medical exam, I will test all of your ASMR senses as well as carrying out some ASMR neurological tests along the way. This ASMR cranial nerve exam contains... An ASMR eye exam, ASMR hearing test, ASMR smell test, ASMR taste test, ASMR touch test, ASMR memory tests & many other exciting things to give you those AMAZING ASMR tingles. Be prepared for brand new ASMR triggers & some classic ASMR triggers, both visually & auditory.

To see what's included in this ASMR video, please see the TIME STAMPS below.

00:00 Intro
00:08 Start Of Roleplay: Greeting, Plan & Mini Consultation (Finger Flutters & Hand Sounds)
01:44 Eye Exam (Lights, Taps, Instructions, Finger Flutters, Squishy, Scratching, Magnifying Glass)
23:20 Colours Vision (Taps, Plastic, Squeezing, Squishy, Rattling, Rubber Popping & Claps)
29:14 Random Tests (Squishy, Taps, Foam, Stroking, Rubbing, Popping, Glowsticks, Snapping, Rattling, Card, Chalk, Rubber & Crunchy)
38:11 Eye Chart (Chalk Writing, Card, Chalk & Rattling)
42:09 Sanitising My Hands (Foam, Foam Pumps, Lids, Hand Sounds)
42:47 Random Test - Wooden Busy Board (Wood, Taps & Rubbing)
43:26 Hearing Test With Eyes Closed (Taps, Clicks, Rattling, Metal, Lock, Button, Music, Clicks, Laces & Wood)
46:08 Hearing Test With Musical Instruments (Zip, Plastic, Rattling, Taps, Beads, Claps, Bell, Cupping, Plastic, Wood, Scratching, Popping, Creaking, Metal & Blowing)
56:27 Repeat The Whispered Words (Whispers, In Ear & Trigger Words)
58:02 Random Tests (Instructions)
59:44 Touch Test (Hand Taps, Hand Sounds, Face Touching)
1:00:22 Prep (Fabric, Hand Sounds, Velcro, Light & Clicks)
1:00:42 Touch Test (Hand Taps, Face Touching, Light, Fabric & Hand Sounds)
1:01:32 Face Exam (Face Touching, Hand Movements, Hand Sounds, Fabric, Lens Tapping, Lens Touching, Velcro & Light)
1:04:40 Taste Test (Dabs, Plastic, Taps & Rubbing)
1:05:24 Smell Test (Lids, Crinkles, Slime, Sticky, Squishy & Floppy)
1:08:38 Random Test - Question (Hand Sounds)
1:10:12 Round Up & Goodbye (Hand Sounds)
1:10:26 End Of Roleplay
1:10:27 Outro
1:10:38 Goodnight
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