The Best Acne Scar Treatments: Explained | Dr Davin Lim

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What is the definition of severe acne scars?

Dermatologists’ viewpoint on severity is different from Medicare’s. Severe acne scars, as defined & accepted by procedural dermatologists are ‘grade 4 acne scarring using the Goodman-Baron scale.’

Grade 4 scars: non-distensible scars that cannot be covered up with make up or the normal growth of beard hair in male patients that are visible at conversational distances of at least 50 centimetres.
How to cost effectively treat acne scarring?

Here is how patients can receive effective scar revision with less costs. In most cases I only require one major session to improve acne scars. My mode of practice is to subcise in multi-levels, releasing as much tissue as possible. Laser resurfacing -TCA-excisions-RFM are all conducted in this one session. You may require an additional session or two if-

You have extensive scarring, example include scars on the temples, forehead & cheeks
You re-attach scars, most common cause is persistent inflammation due to acne
Your have active acne, however mild, as this distracts from collagen production
You wish me to proceed with minimal downtime
What are other treatments we use for scar revision?

After one to two sessions of the above, I transition you to my senior nurses. They provide cost effective & effective treatments including-

Cannula & saline subcision: Low risk, minimal downtime procedures to break up mild scars.
Biostimulatory injections of ‘fillers’: by definition, hybrid hyaluronic acid molecules that stimulate your own collagen.
TCA Paint: for deep ice pick & boxcar acne scars.
CO2 lasers: using one of 3 devices: best for box car & rolling scars.
NA Hybrid 1570 or 1550 lasers: for mild scars. This treatment has minimal downtime.
Manual microneedling: for scar on the forehead & temples
RF microneedling: for deeper rolling acne scars that require more collagen remodeling; cheeks & jawline
Though widely accepted in the medical literature, the above treatments do not carry a Medicare rebate.

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