TERRIFYING Medical Emergency | Happy Planner CLASSIC DASHBOARD Plan With Me | March 21 - March 27

I am excited to plan this week! Let's chat all about my son's scary medical emergency and a problematic planner brand release. I was terrified during this medical emergency. Check out the video for a chat on these topics. And, as always, please keep this space an open, but respectful, place.

March 21 - March 27 features (eeeek) this gorgeous new release MAMBI dashboard planner and stickers for the month of March!! This week I am planning in my classic DASHBOARD Happy Planner®! Hope you all enjoy. I also pulled in the jewel tone colorful boxes sticker books as well - along with some trusty "ride or die" mambi sticker value packs.

This week I have A LOT going on to prep for the kids continuing virtual school and I'm tired already. While I have to save some room to jot down all of my TO-DOS, I still had a BLAST using all of my super cute Happy Planner stickers!

Loving this week's color pallet! Thanks for watching planner babes! Don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe! I love reading your comments!

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