Tandoori Chicken Vegetable Spegati|Healthy Food|Diet food|Reveipi By Khana Ab Bane Aasan

Tandoori chicken vegetable Spegati|Khanaab Bane aasan|yummy tasty receipi|healthy diet food|every ones fav dish |very easy nd fast receipi|Must try nd dnt forget to like , comment nd subscribe my channel for more new videos..
1:chicken boneless 200g
2:Bund Gobi 1/4pcs
3:Shimla mirch large 1/2
4:Hari pyaz 1
5:Chicken powder 1/2tsp
6:Adrak lehsan paste 1tsp
7:Salt 1/2tsp
8:Tandoori Masala 1tbsp
9:kaali mirch powder 1/2tsp
10:Safaid mirch 1/4tsp
11:Chinese salt 1/2tsp
12:Zarde ka rang1/4tsp
13:oil 4tbsp
14:Dahi 2tbsp
Healthy food
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