Symptoms of AIDS | AIDS Causes and Treatment | World AIDS Day | MFine

Symptoms of AIDS | AIDS Causes and Treatment | World AIDS Day | MFine

Symptoms of AIDS can be very difficult to spot at times, this is why awareness is key here. You may not know this, but an HIV positive person may not even know that he or she is HIV positive for more than 10 years! This is why you need to be aware of all the HIV symptoms as well as AIDS symptoms to understand the condition better.

Did you know, India is home to the second largest population of people living with HIV and AIDS? Yes, it's correct! Currently, more than 2 million people in India are living with HIV and AIDS. So, what are the AIDS causes that you must know? And what's the AIDS treatment options that one has in case he or she is positive?

In this video, Dr. Sreelekha Daruvuri, shares in detail about the symptoms of AIDS, causes of AIDS, as well as AIDs treatment. Please note, it is important to be extremely aware of HIV and AIDS, but not to the point of paranoia where you mistreat others who are HIV positive, because the virus doesn't spread by physical contact.

To know some of the early signs and symptoms, you can check out this quick video by Dr. Pragnya Rao:

If you're experiencing any symptoms related to HIV/AIDS, or have any doubts regarding the same, you can consult online instantly with India's leading doctors on MFine:

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