Super Food - Oats Khichdi Recipe Loose weight in 7 Days | Healthy & Tasty No Rice Khichdi

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oats khichdi recipe | Healthy Weight Loss Khichdi Recipe with detailed photo and video recipe. An extremely simple and easy healthy complete meal recipe prepared with moong dal and rolled oats. Basically, the rice grains are replaced with rolled oats for a creamy and tasty complete meal. It can be an ideal lunch box or tiffin box meal, if not for breakfast and dinner with a generous scoop of yogurt raita and spicy hot pickle.
photo and video recipe. Rice and lentil-based recipes and meals are very common across India and are prepared for various occasions. Typically it is prepared for lunch and dinner as the rice does supply the necessary amount of carbs in each meal. However, it can also be prepared with other basic ingredients and rolled oats are one such ingredient with the oats khichdi recipe as a popular choice.

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