Stress anxiety and depression in children | psychological disorders | types of depression

Do you know what is stress anxiety and depression? You might be familiar with this all.

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It is the most trending topic now days because our new generation is prone to stress badly. It is commonly seen in children and teenagers. So we should know about its root causes and remedies. Actually a lot of factors are involved in this. When we talk about its symptoms, it includes nervousness, chest and stomach pains, sleep discomfort, sudden weight gain and weight loss, moodiness and gradually shifting towards loneliness.
If you see such habits in your child then beware your child is passing through some disorders and stress. Now what you have to do, first thing to change is your child's life style.
Three factors are mainly involved here that are;
1. Sleep
2. Diet
3. Exercise
Provide your child a better, healthy and nutritious diet. Avoid junk foods.
Make sure that your child is taking 8 hours of sleep.
Say your child to go for exercise. Secondly now you have to change your own behavior. Keep in mind that, don't shout at your child, if you do so you make them stressed. Be friendly with them. Do not use the practice of physical torcher. It can lead your child towards crime. try to make your child expressive, practice to be calm, do not be over reactive, respect the feelings of your child.
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