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Welcome to my channel. This is a short video of my Stew Beef with Veggies.

7 vegetables you should be adding to stews:

1️⃣ Hearty Greens
2️⃣ Mushrooms
3️⃣ Root Vegetables
4️⃣ Winter Squash
5️⃣ Fennel
6️⃣ Cauliflower
6️⃣ Eggplant

Why is Beef good for you:

1️⃣ Beef is naturally rich in protein, which helps muscle growth and supports muscle mass.
2️⃣ Beef provides iron and four essential vitamins - niacin, riboflavin, vitamins B6 and B12 - which help reduce tiredness and fatigue.
3️⃣ Beef provides eight essential vitamins and minerals that support good health and well-being.
4️⃣ Beef is a rich source of zinc, which supports normal hair, nails and skin.
5️⃣ Zinc also supports normal cognitive function, fertility and reproduction and also contributes to the maintenance of normal testosterone levels in the blood.
6️⃣ Beef is a source of iron which helps the immune system to work.

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