Static GK- Diseases caused by Microorganisms - Bacteria, Virus, Fungi, Protozoa

Static GK- Diseases caused by different Microorganisms - Bacteria, Virus, Fungi, Protozoa - Static GK- Diseases caused by different Microorganisms - diseases caused by viruses, diseases caused by Bacteria,diseases caused by Fungi, Bacterial diseases list, diseases caused by Protozoa. The list of diseases and the microorganisms that cause the disease is as follows -
Diseases caused by Bacteria
 Cholera- Vibrio cholera
 Anthrax- Bacillus Anthraces
 Diphtheria -Corynebacterium diphtheria
 Leprosy - Mycobacterium leprae
 Botulism - Clostridium botulinum
 Syphilis - Treponema pallidum
 Tetanus - Clostridium tetani
 Trachoma -Chlamydia trachomatis
 Tuberculosis -Mycobacterium tuberculosis
 Typhoid fever - Salmonella typhi.
 Whooping cough-Bordetella pertussis
 Diseases caused by Virus
 AIDS-Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)
 Influenza - Influenza virus
 Mumps- Mumps Virus
 Polio -Polio Virus
 Chicken Pox -Varicella zoster virus
 Measles-Measles Virus
 Dengue fever -Dengue Virus
 Chikungunya -Chikungunya virus.
 Rabies -Rabies virus
 SARS - SARS coronavirus
 Diseases caused by Fungi
 Athlete's foot - caused by the mold Epidermophytonfloccosum
 Diseases caused by Protozoa
 Malaria -   Plasmodium vivax
 Amoebic dysentery - Entamoebahistolytica
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