Starting CLL Treatment (A Clinical Trial!) & Then Cancer Relapse, What Next? | Michele Nadeem-Baker

Watch and wait is more like ‘’wait and worry” or “watch and worry” - Michele Nadeem-Baker shares what sparked her and her doctor to start her on treatment after active surveillance, and what led her to participating in a clinical trial as her frontline treatment.
As an experienced patient advocate for years, she also shares what she’s learned and what CLL patients and caregivers would benefit from knowing, including:
- Screening tests
- Signs for needing CLL treatment
- Reasons to see a CLL specialist
- More

Thanks for sharing your story, Michele!

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2) Starting CLL Treatment (A Clinical Trial!) & Then Relapse - What Next? : This Video
3) Finding Purpose After Cancer: Fighting Myself & for All CLL Patients

The interview has only been edited for clarity.

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Contents Of This Video:
00:00 - intro
00:48 - What prompted the start of your CLL treatment?
05:13 - Describe the regimen for ibrutinib + FCR
05:59 - Side effects of ibrutinib + FCR
07:29 - Any other side effects?
13:56 - What was your oncologist's opinion about stopping treatment because of the fatigue?
19:13 - How did you process having to go back onto treatment after a couple years off?
21:58 - How did you decide which treatment path to take?
24:31 - Describe the acalabrutinib regimen and any side effects

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