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About us:

Our mission is not to thrash the use of supplements, or stop anyone from using them. We understand the value they might be able to add to your fitness regimen, however what we at NoSupplements want to emphasise is the fact that the value that they add is nowhere close to what the core principles of a fitness lifestyle do.

Supplement by itself means an addition to a process in order to enhance or complete it.

What we want to focus on is the fact that when the foundation of the process is not strong enough, then no matter how good of a supplement you add to your routine, the results would not be there.

The core principles that we believe are required to achieve any fitness goal for are:

A. Nutrition
B. Training
C. Recovery

We at NoSupplements will help you in providing the optimal way to incorporate the above principles while you enjoy your life and hit your fitness goals at the same time!

NoSupplements believes in making this a lifestyle rather than making fitness your entire life!

About our founder:

Pratyaksh Seth is a Computer Science Engineering graduate who was able to transform himself from an obese to a lean fit individual only on the basis of correct knowledge about nutrition, training and recovery, without the use of any supplements.

Despite people and trainers telling him to use supplements and even steroids at the beginning of his journey, he kept faith in the process and never doubted about the knowledge he gathered after investing weeks and weeks about how our bodies actually work and what ingredients are exactly required to transform oneself.

He was also able to come out of a ligament tear surgery, which meant complete bed rest for the first month, let alone any form of exercise.

After transforming himself in his college days while keeping a check on his tough engineering studies, he also helped his friends to do the same, all this while enjoying the process and having no restrictions when it comes to their favourite foods.

He then moved onto the corporate world where he took his physique to the next level while still managing his busy hectic schedule. Like his college days, this time it was the corporate professionals who got enlightened about the knowledge that he possessed and were able to successfully transform themselves while engaging themselves in a 9-6 job.

After overcoming all the obstacles mentioned above, NoSupplements was born in order to transform people’s lives while keeping no sort of restrictions and enjoy the process.

Disclaimer: NoSupplements is not a team of doctors or medical professionals. Always consult a physician before starting any exercise/nutrition program. Use of this information is strictly at your own risk. NoSupplements would not be liable for losses of any kind occurred directly or indirectly due to the content of this YouTube Channel.

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