Stagonaspora glume blotch disease on spikes in wheat field |Wheat spike disease |Abid Ali Agrarian

In this video, I would like to inform you about wheat new disease on spikes of wheat that is called Stagonaspora glume blotch disease.
It is fungal disease that attacks on wheat crop spikes. Purple color spots appear on spikes that is symptom of this disease. It spreads speedily by wind in fields. Disease usually attacks on old susceptible varieties such as Faisalabad 2008, Anaj and Akbar-19 as well. It's seed should not be sown in fields in next years.
Seed treatment by fungicide at the time of sowing is a good treatment method. In early sown wheat crop, no need to spray fungicide in fields but if crop is sown late, fungicide such as Tebuconazole or Azoxystrobin etc must be sprayed to avoid wheat grains losses.
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