SREcon22 EMEA - SRE as She Is Spoke

SRE as She Is Spoke

Andrew Clay Shafer

Some things get lost in translation. Words have meaning but all language is alive and ever changing. In order to better understand what SRE 'could be' in an imagined future, what tools do we have to understand what SRE 'is'? Now and forever? The co-evolution of SRE language and practice suggests there are already obvious points of divergence in the understanding and application of both. A naive analysis of the evolution of similar movements suggests some divergence may be inevitable, but at what point do we lose the 'essence of SRE'. In every possible SRE 'could' is there ever an SRE 'should'? Are we able to move SRE beyond eternal 'it depends'? If we are, who counts as part of 'we'? Is my SRE your SRE? Would either of us benefit if this was the case?

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