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Hello Sunshines,
hope you guys doing really well. This vdo I made Tom Yum mushroom soup, spaghetti bacon and dried chilli, and tuna steak. I believe that they are healthy lol. Please enjoy watching my vdo. love you.
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Hello Sunshines! My name is Ploy. I'm currently in NYC. I create content about my lifestyle, fashion, diet and weight loss journey, fitness, workout, and what I eat in a day with my two little girls (Yorkies). I hope that I, my dogs, and my content will bring a smile to you. I do my best to speak in English. If you don't understand what I said, what you can do is to just pretend that you get it lol.

Please give me some likes and subscribe to my channel, you're gonna make my day. I hope you and your family stay healthy and wealthy.

Luv you,

Ploy xoxo
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