Software Supply Chain Security & MITRE's System of Trust - Robert Martin - PSW #768

This session explores software supply chain security and the details of System of Trust, a community effort to develop and validate a process for integrating evidence of the organizational, technical, and transactional trustworthiness of supply chain elements for decision makers dealing with supply chain security. This framework is defining, aligning, and addressing the specific concerns and risks that stand in the way of organizations’ trusting suppliers, supplies, and service offerings. More importantly, the framework offers a comprehensive, consistent, and repeatable methodology – for evaluating suppliers, supplies, and service offerings alike – that is based on decades of supply chain security experience, deep insights into the complex challenges facing the procurement and operations communities, and broad knowledge of the relevant standards and community best practices.

Segment Resources:
- https://sot.mitre.org/overview/about.html
- https://shiftleft.grammatech.com/automating-supply-chain-integrity
- https://www.reversinglabs.com/conversinglabs/robert_martin_mitre_software_supply_chain_system_of_trust
- https://www.mitre.org/sites/default/files/2022-11/PR-22-01488-20-cybersecurity-benefits-of-sbom-september-2022.pdf
- https://www.mitre.org/sites/default/files/2021-11/prs-21-0278-deliver-uncompromised-securing-critical-software-supply-chain.pdf

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