Slow Juicer Kuvings Healthy Lifestyle & Sustainability

In this video I show you the functionality of the Slow Juicer of the company Kuvings. The device is available in different colours. I explain the various components of the device and make some freshly squeezed juice. If you are bothering of buying such a juice maker or never heard of Kuvings the video is just right for you. I use the machine every day. The engine is very silent, and processing and cleaning is fast done. It can be used in every household from single to family. The taste of the juice is just gorgeous, slow pressed and oxidation free. If you life a healthy lifestyle or want to get healthier you have to buy this machine. Forget the juice you can buy in a supermarket. You can even reduce plastic waste as you can make your juice at home or fill it in a reusable bottle and take it with you. What makes this machine different from others? Well, the whole liquid is being squeezed out of fruits and vegetables. You have less residues and the taste is just delicious. The leftovers can be used as animal food or fertilizer for your home garden, so nothing is being wasted. Organic citrus fruits don't need to be peeled and can be enjoyed in a whole.
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