Skin Biopsy | Medical Follow-Up exam | Binaural ASMR

In this video, we do a follow-up Medical Exam based off the last video at: https://youtu.be/3nE2XzFreds And in this video we do some Skin Biopsy scrapes to test for possible Cancer cells on your skin. I think this is is a fun follow-up using the Leather Jacket, light triggers, latex gloves, and subtle scraping sounds. I also do a positive confidence building talk at the end to help those of you having troubles with feelings and emotions this holiday season. If you need mental help, tell someone, ask for help, get help. Don't suffer alone or in silence, let those who love you know you need help.

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Filmed on my Sony a5100 camera with a 35mm prime lens at 60fps.
The introduction animation was by :
Open Animation by Sam Mercer
[email protected]
Sam has also started his own Youtube channel to promote his work at: https://www.youtube.com/@itsonly5am837/featured
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The intro music was by Jason Shaw of Audionautix.com
Used with full permission.
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