Shared Experiences in Oncology & Rare Diseases: Erin Moriarty Wade & Beverly A. Zavaleta MD

Beverly A. Zavaleta MD — a Physician, Cancer Survivor & Author of Braving Chemo — is our special guest on this episode of our podcast.

“Shared Experiences in Oncology and Rare Diseases” is a podcast brought to you by myTomorrows.

Beverly A. Zavaleta MD is a board-certified family physician, a cancer survivor and a long-time advocate of patient education. She earned her medical degree from Harvard Medical School, and she practices as a hospitalist physician in South Texas.

In 2015, she was diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer and underwent a grueling chemotherapy regimen. She then decided to combine her personal and professional experiences to write a book to help others facing cancer.

Her book — Braving Chemo — gives patients and caregivers a clear and comforting handbook about navigating cancer treatment.

To learn more about Beverly A. Zavaleta MD, visit her website at: and follow her on social media:
Twitter: @BZavaletaMD
Instagram: @bzavaletamd
Facebook: BZavaletaMD

Check out some of the cancer survivor resources and writing workshops that Dr. Zavaleta mentioned in the podcast here:

Her book, Braving Chemo, is available for purchase on all major online retailers, including Indie Bound: and Amazon:

You can also make a donation to provide the book to cancer patients who cannot afford to buy a copy, or request books to give to patients in need. To learn more visit:

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