Saturday at LAGPR (w/ Dr. Nenn!) LIVE

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TIMESTAMPS (Thank you, Brigitte!)
00:00 The Live Begins With Saskia she says Hello & talks about Dr.Nenn who is a low cost vet being there and working on a cyst. She answers some questions & explains things to us.
27:32 Saskia takes us to Dr.Nenn vet tent. Dr.Nenn is going to work on incisors Saskia picks up a big floof. Volunteer Alana makes them. An you can find them at Spoiled Rotten Piggies ETSY ❗Than turns the camera to Dr.Nenn
1:02:37 Julia takes us to the garage shows us the Buddha boys than walks around shows us the other piggies
1:06:46 Julia takes us to the health check tent where health checks resume 1:26:47 Saskia reappears & Resumes health checks
1:38:06 Saskia heads over to the garage and tells her workers to get Gatsby and Gabby who were boarding there. Their hoomin is there to take them home.
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