Sai Baba's Mahabhaktas | Moreshwar Pradhan

In this film that is a tribute to one of Sai Baba's greatest devotees, Moreshwar Pradhan, Dr Vinny Chitluri begins the narration by telling viewers how Pradhan became a successful lawyer and how he sought spiritual solace after a personal tragedy. When he met Baba in Shirdi, on the very first meeting,

Baba promised that He would always be with him. He was a kind, compassionate and pure person who trusted his Guru implicitly. Later, he bought the Lendi Baug land and gave it to the Sansthan, recognising it to be sacred and sanctified ground that Baba walked on. This was his gift to his Sadguru.

Recounting how Baba takes care of His devotees and their families, Vinnyji relates the Leela of Pradhan's mother's cure and Mrs Pradhan's experiences, including the gift of a son, Bapu, Baba's favourite devotee.

Moreshwar Pradhan did another important Seva, by writing 'A glimpse of Indian Spirituality’, describing Baba's divinity, His compassion, His kindness, His daily routine, the Leelas that happened in Shirdi how Baba looks after His devotees, not in this life alone, but every subsequent life that would follow them.

Vinnyji ends the narrative by outlining the lessons one can learn from the live of Moreshwar Pradhan.

Chapters in this film:
0:00 - Intro (Please enable captions) (कैप्शन सक्षम करें)
0:30 - The life of Moreshwar Pradhan
2:03 - Seeking spiritual help after tragedy strikes
4:30 - Pradhan's first Darshan of Baba
6:21 - Baba asks Pradhan for Dakshina
8:43 - Baba reminds Pradhan of his Guru Mantra
10:45 - Offering the Lendi Baug land
13:58 - Baba helps Pradhan's mother
17:44 - Bapu's birth
23:30 - The experiences of Mrs. Pradhan
28:25 - Pradhan's literary contribution
30:08 - A skeptic turns into a devotee
33:49 - The Puran-Poli Leela
35:10 - Bapu's birthday celebration
36:06 - Lessons from Pradhan's life
39:10 - Outro (Please support our work)

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Film by Nikhil Kripalani

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