Ruqyah To Remove All Types Of Diseases, Sickness, And, Illness - Supplications For Healing Health.

Ruqyah To Remove All Types Of Diseases, Sickness, And, Illness - Supplications For Healing Health.
رقیہ ہر قسم کی بیماریوں، بیماری اور بیماری کو دور کرنے کے لیے - شفائے صحت کے لیے دعائیں۔
الرقية لإزالة جميع أنواع الأمراض والأمراض والأمراض - دعاء للشفاء بالصحة
Ruqi-Reciter: Hafiz Jameel Rashidi
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Read Daily Aayatul Qursi and the 3x Time (Ikhlaas, Falaq, Nas) Surahs Before Sleeping. Don't Let Fear Control You. Ask Allah Swt for The Strength and Courage to Overcome His Trials. May Allah Cure All!
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Before listening to Ruqyah make the intention you are listening as a treatment and ask Allah to give you Shifa and solve your all problems.
If you feel anything during the Ruqya it's a good sign no matter what you feel so don't worry and don't panic nothing can hurt you, Holy Quran is for healing/shifa.
Please listen to the Ruqya with complete concentration and focus, listen to every word, and imagine it's penetrating your soul and your heart.
Keep listening to this ruqyah until the problem is solved and the more u listen and focus the more it will help.
Perform 5 times Salah Namaz on time and read a lot of istighfar and salwaat alan nabi daily Insha Allah u will feel better.
Once you have noted any pain, reactions, or movements during the ruqyah, it is highly possible that you have been inflicted with magic, jinn, blockages, sihr, evil eye. We then suggest that you listen to this ruqyah every day and cure yourself.
Please do not listen whilst driving.
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