Dr. Namyzarc has to resort to basic medical exams to make ends meet after his recent... "detention" at T.I. he isn't the best doctor in the world but he gets the job done... with a bit soft spoken deep rumbly voice, he examines you making sounds with his medical instruments that will cause you to feel relaxed, de-stressed, sleepy and tingles of course! enjoy
P.S. Please Read Below
--T.I. Would like to give a big thanks to for their generous donation of the beautiful stethoscope used in the video, and of course a HUGE THANK YOU TO ALL MY Patreon members who made it possible to buy kits like the otoscope set that we'll be using in many videos to come, and to all of the Tingle-Droid Army for their views, comments and thumbs up which help the videos and channel grow.. I love you guys! ✊
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