Robert Hand Responds to Deborah Houlding

An interview with esteemed astrologer Robert Hand where he responds to Deborah Houlding’s recent claims about the history of house division, including some mischaracterizations that were about him personally, and sets the record straight about the recent history of the recovery of ancient astrology.

Rob was one of the three main founders of Project Hindsight, which was a translation project for ancient astrological texts in the 1990s.

In the interview we discuss the clear evidence for the existence of whole sign houses in ancient astrology, and Rob relates his firsthand accounts of the recovery of Hellenistic astrology, including sharing some stories about his time at Project Hindsight.

Along the way, Rob also shares some of his perspectives and experience from his 63-year career in astrology, and we hear about his life and work, as well some oral history about the recent recovery and revival of ancient astrology.

This is a followup to episodes 386 and 387, titled Deborah Houlding and Whole Sign House Denialism, and Demetra George Responds to Whole Sign House Denialism, and each of these episodes includes additional material and discussion about this topic:



You can find out more about Rob's work on his website:


This is episode 389 of The Astrology Podcast:


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