Reviewing RFK Jr.’s bad book about Fauci - Chapter 1

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There were massive efforts to repurpose old drugs and develop new ones to treat COVID:

Living therapeutics guide to treating COVID:

Masks, social distancing, and small-scale lockdowns were all done during the 2003 SARS outbreak:

We’ve known that masks act as source control for a long time:

Masks work to reduce COVID cases:

Highly recommended review that includes mask data:

COVID can spread both pre-symptomatically and asymptomatically:

Lockdowns are not ideal, but they do work:

Guidelines for defining a COVID death are quite clear and well understood by doctors:

Comorbidities accompanying COVID deaths in the US:

Immunity from infection + vaccine is much better than infection alone:

Previous videos about COVID PCR tests:

False positives for PCR are not a problem:

Schematic for how COVID PCR works:

COVID-flu multiplex PCR tests:

Guide to interpreting VAERS:

Excess deaths caused by the COVID pandemic:

5 million children worldwide have been orphaned by COVID:

Clinical updates with Dr. Daniel Griffin, M.D. Ph.D.:

Monoclonal antibodies were not available at the beginning of the pandemic:

Dr. Brownstein sells sham treatments:
Johns Hopkins COVID clinical research:

How an EUA works:

Randomized controlled trials of HCQ for COVID treatment:

HCQ dose for treating malaria:

The global problem of antimicrobial resistance:

The Surgisphere story:

mRNA vaccine review that includes safety data:

Vaccines don’t have side-effects that show up several months or years later:

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