Retinal Detachment Treatment | उखड़े हुए आँख के पर्दे का इलाज | Get Best Retina Treatment in INDIA

Mr. Ali Muhammad Mir is from Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir.
He had an injury in his right eye in 2019. A 2cm long iron nail went into his right eye and damaged the eye's lens and retina.

Before visiting Eye7 Eye Hospital, He had visited more than 10 eye hospitals across India but never got any satisfactory treatment.

He recently underwent Retinal Detachment Surgery in his Right Eye and Barrage Laser in his Left Eye at Eye7 Eye hospital, New Delhi. His surgery was performed by Dr. Pawan Gupta (A Senior Vitreo Retina Surgeon at Eye7 Eye Hospital, New Delhi)

We are glad to inform you that his vision after the treatment has become perfect 6/6 when he sees with both eyes. In this video, the patient's cousin Mr. Samir Mir and the Patient himself share their worthy experience of getting treatment at Eye7 Eye Hospital, New Delhi.

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