Respiratory Examination Master Class - Medical School OSCE Revision - Clinical Skills - Dr Gill

Respiratory Examination Master Class - Medical School OSCE Revision - Clinical Skills - Dr Gill

This video details each step of the respiratory exam, highlighting why each step is being taken to maximise your clinical skills OSCE revision.

In this video, we demonstrate how to perform a clinical examination of the RESPIRATORY SYSTEM for your medical school Clinical Skills OSCE. As the chest exam is sure a core skill when it comes to examining patients, students should assume that a respiratory assessment is a high-yield station for any clinical exams or clinical assessments.

For a passing grade in your Clinical Skills OSCE, for Respiratory exam follow the approach of:
- Inspection
- Palpation
- Percussion
- Auscultation

We will also address why "ninety-nine" should not be used in tactile vocal resonance

HOWEVER, a respiratory examination OSCE station does not just involve pressing around the chest, this video also demonstrates some of the specialised examination techniques required in examining patients such as checking the apex beat, chest expansion, chest auscultation and percussion as an example.

COUGH, Shortness of breath and general concerns about the chest are common reasons for patients to see a doctor, and in any speciality is probably the most commonly performed patient examination

This video has three other RESPIRATORY system-focused videos associated with it: - Respiratory Examination Demo - Percussion Technique - Respiratory Deep dive - Respiratory Symptoms - Respiratory Examination Details - Chest xray basics


Please note that there is no ABSOLUTE way to perform a clinical examination. Different institutions and even clinicians will have differing degrees of variations - the aim is the effectively identify medically relevant signs.

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However during OSCE assessments. Different medical schools, nursing colleges and other health professional courses will have their own preferred approach to a clinical assessment - you should concentrate on THEIR marks schemes for your assessments.

The examination demonstrated here is derived from Macleods Clinical Examination - a recognised standard textbook for clinical skills.
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