Refutation of 5561 BCE dating of Mahabharata Pt 3 | Dr Raja Ram Mohan Roy | #SangamTalks

In this presentation, Dr. Roy will critically examine the evidence for the epoch of Bhishma Nirvana falling in the time interval between 4700 BCE and 7000 BCE. It will be shown that this claim is absurd as all twenty-four verses from Bhishmaparva to Striparva of the Mahabharata cited as proof for the month of Margashirsha coinciding with the first half of the Sharad season are analogies.

About the speaker:
Dr. Raja Ram Mohan Roy is an IIT - Kanpur graduate and a Ph.D from the Ohio State University, USA. He is a Vedic Scholar, Materials Scientist, Author of books on Vedic Astronomy, Jain Astronomy, and Ancient Indian History.

00:00 Power Statement
01:09 Summary of the previous 2 parts
07:00 2 parts of a claim regarding the Epoch of Bhishma Nirvana
08:18 Analysing 24 verses mentioning Sarad season
14:27 Enlisting 58 analogies of other seasons
22:00 What constitutes Intellectual dishonesty
22:29 Standard seasons & months during Mahabharata times
27:42 Bhisma Nirvana timelines
30:47 Timeline 2 - over 92 days on the bed of arrows
31:46 Why 92+ days claim could be bogus
35:02 The numbers game
36:22 Phases & positions of the Moon
40:06 What constitutes Intellectual honesty
42:55 Why this refutation!
47:56 Possible motives behind Intellectual dishonesty

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