Redefining Healthcare in the 21st Century: Treating Diseases Before They Happen | Dr James Peyer

People are expected to live longer than ever before because of access to quality healthcare. Yet, improvements to human healthspan have regrettably not kept pace with expectations. Increasingly, research has pointed to the ageing process itself as a strong driver of debilitating diseases like cancer and Alzheimer's Disease, often seen in people living their golden years. With this knowledge, new therapeutic approaches have emerged to treat the mechanisms of ageing as a means to prevent age-associated diseases.

In this week's #HealthyLongevity #webinar, Dr James Peyer, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Cambrian Biopharma, takes viewers through Cambrian's vision and philosophy and their revolutionary approaches to discover, develop and commercialise new solutions to target ageing and diseases, and promote healthy longevity.

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Source of the closing video: https://youtu.be/bx_CdBcRexc?t=142
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