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Mrs. Aruna Kumari, 57yrs old was diagnosed with rectal cancer few months back & she underwent Radiation Therapy & Chemo Therapy treatment in some other hospital. Post treatment she was again diagnosed to check her condition & they recommended surgery with permanent colostomy bag. Her son was hesitant & didn't wanted his mother to carry a motion bag with her life long.
He did a lot of research on Google & found videos on YouTube where Dr Kishore Alapati, Colorectal Surgeon was explaining about Rectal Cancer, Surgery, treatment options etc. His son gained confidence in Dr Kishore Alapati treatment & came to Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad.
They met Dr Kishore Alapati & expressed their concern. Dr Kishore Alapati assessed all her reports & said colostomy is not required in this case. She underwent surgery 5 months back & is leading a normal life. Her son thanks Dr Kishore Alapati for relieving their concern.
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