Real Person Skin Exam ASMR | CLOSE UP Scalp Check & Face mapping | soft spoken Medical Roleplay

Real Person Skin Exam ASMR | UP CLOSE Scalp Check & Face mapping | soft spoken Medical Roleplay

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In this Real Person Medical ASMR Video I am going to examine Pias Skin, especially on the face and the scalp. I am gently palpating the skin with gloves and doing a very detailed medical examination with close up personal attention. There are a lot of tingly triggers in this Real Person Face exam & Face mapping video which can help you relax and fall into a deep sleep: gloves on skin sounds, palpating face, neck and scalp, scalp inspection with sticks, hair combing, close up personal attention, soft spoken and whispering.

Time stamps
00:00 Intro medical questions
01:00 Face mapping
12:11 Scalp inspection
18:58 Conclusion

This is a ASMR Medical Roleplay with a real person for your relaxation and deep sleep.

Thank you for being here, I hope you feel secure and relaxed. Leave a comment, like and subscribe - this would mean everything to me❤ Much love, Julia

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