Ransomware Hunters with Renee Dudley and Wenda Harris Millard

Ransomware Hunters with Renee Dudley and Wenda Harris Millard debuted on the Dock Street Theatre Stage on November 9, 2022, as part of the Charleston Literary Festival in Charleston, South Carolina. Renee Dudley’s revelatory book The Ransomware Hunting Team, co-written with Daniel Golden, traces the exploits of a band of unsung saviors who use their skills to save millions of ransomware victims from paying billions to cyber criminals. The informal group of dedicated code-crackers outwits underworld hackers who lock computer networks in hospitals, businesses, universities, and municipal government, and demand huge payments in return for the keys. She reflects on the reasons why the most effective force against an escalating global threat is an international coterie of social misfits with Wenda Harris Millard, digital marketing and advertising pioneer familiar with the media tech business, and Charleston Literary Festival Board member.

00:00-6:17 Introduction
6:17-47:18 Conversation
47:18-1:03:21 Audience Q&A
1:03:21-1:04:12 Conclusion
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