Rajarshi Nandy (Tantra Expert) - Explains Tantric S*x In Detail | The Ranveer Show 276

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All of our episodes with Rajarshi Nandy have been super hits. Our TRS All-Star is back again and it's just the beginning. A "TRS all-star" is a term my team and I are incredibly cautious of using, as said in the introduction of the video, Rajarshi Nandy was a guest whom I can vouch for. In this stellar episode of The Ranveer Show, we spoke about ALL of Tantric Sex, from its origins, process, practice and real benefits. Rajarshi Nandy is someone who has an ocean of knowledge and experience, the stories and experiences shared on this podcast are truly incredible. From the Practice of celibacy, Experience of actual tantra, Tantric S*x techniques, to the Path of Lust & desires. Hope you enjoy this episode.

Shri Rajarshi Nandy is a Sadhaka par excellence and an adherent of the Sanatan Dharma. He is a speaker, columnist, and author of Hindu spiritual practices. He has co-authored a paper named "Tantra and Modern Neuroscience: Is there any co-relation?" which was published in Neurology India magazine. .. Based on experiences and interactions with different Yogis and Sadhaks, the book also contains an exploration of some common and uncommon deities from various branches of Hinduism.

(0:00) - Rajarshi x Ranveer begins
(3:00) - Origins of Tantra
(6:16) - Parabrahma & Hinduism
(8:20) - What is Tantric/Spiritual S*x?
(19:50) - Practice of celibacy
(21:08) - Process & Practice of Tantric S*x
(24:04) - Experience of actual tantra
(45:00) - Tantric S*x techniques
(49:30) - NoFap & Celibacy
(1:02:50) - Rajarshi's blockbuster episodes
(1:03:51) - Path of Lust & desires
(1:07:44) - Thanks for watching

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