Ragi Upma - Healthy New Way Breakfast Recipe | Raagi Rava Upma - Perfect Weight Loss Breakfast Meal

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Ragi Upma Recipe | How To Make Weight Loss Ragi Rava Upma with detailed photo and video recipe. Basically, an easy and simple morning breakfast recipe prepared with ragi millet, finely chopped vegetables, and herbs. It is basically an ideal healthy breakfast recipe that not helps to supply all the required nutrients but also helps to reduce weight. Like the traditional counterpart, even this upma is also served with spicy coconut chutney to make it a complete meal.

Ragi Upma Recipe | How To Make Weight Loss Ragi Rava Upma with step-by-step photo and video recipe. Upma and poha are perhaps one of the most common breakfast recipes from South Indian cuisine, if not across India. It is perhaps the default option for morning breakfast if we run out of all the fancy and popular choices. However, the same semolina or sooji-based upma can be monotonous and to make it more interesting, you have other options like ragi upma known for its health benefits.

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