Quarantine Steps to Knock Out Saltwater Fish Disease... THIS Is 80/20 QT! Ep: 6

Let's talk ich and marine velvet management! In today's episode, Ryan and Elliot are showing us the best way to quarantine saltwater fish for ich and velvet, by eliminating 80% of the disease using 20% of the effort. This is truly game changing and can be adopted by any level of saltwater aquarium hobbyist. Get your Brute trash can ready and check it out here!

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00:00 - Quarantine Series Episode 06
00:17 - 3 Phase Approach
01:03 - QT Protocols and Priorities
01:56 - Caveats to 80/20 QT
04:13 - What goes in our QT Tank?
06:02 - Setting up QT Water Change Bin
07:47 - What Salt are we Using?
08:59 - Testing Copper
10:21 - 3 Minute Freshwater Fluke Bath
12:13 - Nitrofurazone
13:50 - Add Fish to QT
14:00 - 100% Water Change
14:57 - Day 15 - Rinse
15:36 - QT Stipulations
16:21 - Acclimating Sensitive fish to Medication
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