Quadriceps Set | Merck Manual Consumer Version

Learn more about pain in the front of the knee (runner's knee): https://mrkmnls.co/3xAETbr

How to perform a quadriceps set:

1. Sit with involved leg extended.
2. Contract quadriceps muscle on the front of the leg to push back of knee down to the floor/table.
3. Hold exercise for 10 seconds.
4. Do 1 set of 10 repetitions, every hour.
5. Special instructions: Do not hold your breath during the exercise.

About the Merck Manuals:

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Video courtesy of Tomah Memorial Hospital, Department of Physical Therapy, Tomah, WI; Elizabeth C.K. Bender, MSPT, ATC, CSCS; and Whitney Gnewikow, DPT, ATC.
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