Putting Stage 3 Bowel Cancer in Remission with Carnivore and Fasting!

Fred Evrard is a long-time athlete and martial artist who, after being a whole food vegan for 12 years, discovered he had stage 3, bordering on stage 4, bowel cancer. His doctors wanted to start chemo and radiation right away and follow up with radical surgery, and even then, it wasn't certain that he would survive. Not liking these options, he decided to investigate further himself and came across the work of Professor Thomas Seyfried and others and decided to fast and do a ketogenic diet. This was reinforced when he attempted a short course of chemo to relieve the excruciating pain caused by the tumor and stopped after 3 doses due to the horrible side effects. As he would get painful bowel obstructions with any fiber, he defaulted into a carnivore diet eating red meat nearly exclusively, and after 4 months he was in complete remission... Check out his amazing story and recovery.

0:57 Fred’s story
10:58 his oncologist’s reaction to his cure
11:32 red meat and colon cancer
14:37-23.36 ketogenic metabolic therapy. Why it works
16:38 Hospital in US use keto for cancer. 21.26 hospital results
23:49 study your disease
25:40 oncologists’ keto knowledge
28:03 Fred’s vegan experience
31:51 we nolonger eat our primary diet
32:26 zero studies show that plants cure cancer. Steve Jobs. Aston kutcher. Studies show keto does
35:16 Fred’s story continued
36:18 chemo is poison
39:32 Fred’s fasting experience
42:50 Fred’s life now…dealing w. fear that it comes back
45:55 dairy products and inflammation
46:57 martial arts
51:16 picture of Fred vegan & now. And more on vegan
53:52 your mental state, what you believe is important for your health
57:50 Fred’s book

For more of Fred, you can find him below through his YouTube channel
Fred Evrard Academy


Book: How My Immune System Beat Cancer

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