PUTIN must cancel annual meeting when the disease recurs, PUTIN's authority overthrown

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PUTIN must cancel annual meeting when his illness returns, PUTIN's power is coming to an end | Update war Russia and Ukraine on June 24.

VLADIMIR PUTIN has raised new concerns about his health after canceling his annual call with members of the Kremlin. He is not said to have the strength to hold a long meeting.

Leaving the Russian defense minister, Sergei Shoigu, said: Mr. PUTIN said that he would skip meetings that are too long. Our President told us, he only spoke at "brief" meetings for a short time.

Russian President Moved many important meetings from live to online. According to experts, this action is due to PUTIN struggling with the pain of the terminal illness, so he could not stand on the podium for long.

Many people believe that PUTIN fears that he will not "stand firm" in the face of live conferences and will receive much criticism from Western countries.

This theory has been used to try to explain why Putin has rarely appeared in public in recent months, as well as perhaps why he was engaged in an unjustified invasion with The armed forces seem unprepared.

It was spurred on by pictures and videos released from Moscow showing Putin as though he showed signs of tightening of his hand or clenching on a table.

Mr. PUTIN once fainted before an important meeting in the Kremlin and earlier this month. This incident shook the Kremlin, a panic for Russian generals. they doubt how long PUTIN can withstand, or Russia will have to stop the war with Ukraine because PUTIN is no longer strong enough.

The source said the Russian generals were plotting to overthrow PUTIN's power, saying he could not hold out to the end of the war with Ukraine.
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