PSPI Live: Psychological Interventions for the Treatment of Chronic Pain in Adults

Join APS as it continues its new webinar series focused on recent and upcoming issues of its journal Psychological Science in the Public Interest. Hear from Mary A. Driscoll, PhD, and Robert D. Kerns, PhD, coauthors of “Psychological Interventions for the Treatment of Chronic Pain in Adults” (Driscoll, Edwards, Becker, Kaptchuk, & Kerns, 2021). The authors were joined for comments and reflections by Shari M. Ling, MD, deputy chief medical officer of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services in its Center for Clinical Standards and Quality; and Christin Veasley, cofounder and director of the Chronic Pain Research Alliance and advocate for increased awareness of chronic pain and its consequences.

This special event is ideal for APS members and members of the public, especially people with lived experience of chronic pain, health care clinicians and educators, scientists, and health policy advocates.

0:00 Welcome from APS
2:15 Introduction from Nora Newcombe, PSPI Editor
6:30 Paper summary from Mary Driscoll and Robert Kerns
22:04 Reflections from Shari Ling
31:02 Discussion
37:28 Reflections from Christin Veasley
43:38 Discussion
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